TORAM Earned Experience Ranking

The calculation results of "Monster's Basic Experience x Bonus Multiplier by Level Difference" are displayed in order of highest to lowest.
The actual experience value is the value in the table multiplied by the effects of medals, calligraphy, etc.
Caution: The figures for a level difference of 20 or more may have an error.

Numerical values can be changed by increasing/decreasing with the - + buttons or by specifying directly.

Fire / Earth / Wind / Water
Neutral / Light / Dark / Unknown

The experience value of the boss is based on the case where the site was not destroyed.
Event-only monsters are shown in blue.

We have not yet been able to translate event-specific and latest area enemies into English.
We will try to get them into English as soon as possible.

Level difference limit (Unlimited at -1)
Record Upper limit (Unlimited at 0)
My Level
Caution: Level difference limits apply only to bosses.


The item whose status is to be saved

Other Settings