Sharing Rules

Rules for Sharing Colored Weapons

  • When sharing information on colored weapons on this website with an unspecified number of other people, please paste the URL link to this website in an easy-to-understand location.
    (No prior consent for the URL link is required; feel free to use it as long as the URL link is posted.)
  • Unspecified number of others" refers to cases in which 20 or more people can refer to the site, and cases in which the site is open to the public with no upper limit on the number of references.
    Individual use that does not meet these conditions is free.
  • However, the distributor must be careful to prevent secondary users from spreading the material and consequently sharing it with an unspecified number of people, even for personal use.
  • After observing the above, we rather encourage the diffusion of information with added value (e.g., translation into another language).
    (For example, translating the information into another language, spreading information about popular colored weapon drops, reminding people at the end of the month, etc.)
  • The rule about colored weapons is that a single screenshot is all the useful information that can be extracted.
    Also, once the information has been extracted, the source of the information will no longer be known, and this site, as the source of the information, may be suspected of plagiarism.
  • If you do not abide by the above rules, we may limit the information we release to the public.

Sharing Rules for Non-Colored Weapons

  • We do not have any sharing rules for other than colored weapons.
  • The reason why we do not have rules for sharing information other than colored weapons is that it is difficult in principle to extract information that is publicly available or to extract all information.
  • For example, even if the information on a single stat simulation is extracted, the information on the essential part of automatic calculation is not extracted.