Lazy Tanaka's Toram General Site

Welcome Lazy Tanaka's Toram General Site.

This site is designed by the site administrator (Tanaka) to provide useful features related to TORAM ONLINE,
APS.NET in the process.

Enchant grant probability simulator

The probability of granting Enchant obtained from fairy sewing tools is not officially disclosed.
However, SARA gave us statistics on that.
We created a simulator based on it. We believe it to be reasonably reliable.
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Colored Weapons Future Forecast

In 2022/5, based on the extensive data of colored weapons posted on Lobi,
we have almost elucidated the regularity of these weapons.
The results are posted as a tool.
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Strayer's Props Box

The site displays the experience gained in a ranking format. Attributes can also be checked.
The Japanese version was released on 2022/4/16. The English version was released on 2022/11/20. Try it out


Stat Simulator. This site has a highly accurate auto-calculation function that helps smith to give you a stat.
The English version was released on November-14-2020,
and the number of users is gradually increasing not only in Japan but also in English.
We are proud of this site.
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