Toram Gear Statting -Manual Version-

This is Manual Statting Simulator to calculate success rate and potential points cost of your statting.

If you want to simulate statting of other level, input the level of your statting chara and press the button "Reload".

Chara LV

Setting Stats

Choosed Stat
Choosed Stat
Choosed Stat
Choosed Stat
Choosed Stat
Choosed Stat
Choosed Stat
Choosed Stat
*Choose both positive and negative stats, then press the button "Start New Formula"

Setting Gear original Potential and Smith Proficiency Level

Original Potential
Base gear potential(If necessary)
Smith Proficiency Level(For material cost reduction) (0 % reduction of material cost)

Smith Skill 5 Points Compassion

Metal Compassion Fabric Compassion Beast Compassion
Wood Compassion Medicine Compassion Mana Compassion

Statting Formula

Display Steps
Stat(MaxLv) Stat Lv Added Lv Pot cost
Choose stats() +0
Before you press () +0
the "Start New Formula"() +0
button!!() +0
Pot Penalty Pot Cost
- -
Pot before Step Pot after Step
110 110
Success Rate


Weapon Statting

Material Cost

(Highest mats per step: pt)
Statting Process

*** Caution ***

*** Caution1 *** About "Add xx one by one" .

The sentence "Add critical lv3 and critical damage lv 2 one by one" means steps below.
  • Step1 Add critical lv 1 and press start.
  • Step2 Add critical lv 1 to lv 2 and press start.
  • Step3 Add critical lv 2 to lv 3 and press start.
  • Step4 Add critical damage lv 1 and press start.
  • Step5 Add critical damage lv 1 to lv 2 and press start.
These multi steps are described as one sentence, so take care of it.

*** Caution2 *** About the level notation of this site

This site uses level notation. For example, Accuracy lv-15 means Accuracy -20 and Dodge lv-15 means Dodge -20.
In other words, Accuracy lv-15 represents the case where the Accuracy is lowered by 15 steps to minus, which means that the in-game notation in that case is -20.

About the Maximum Potential of the 9th Anniversary Celebration Equipment

The maximum potential of the 9th Anniversary Celebration Equipment is as follows:
(If slots are empty when created, the potential will be lower than the values below.)

  • One-handed:113
  • Bow:113
  • Katana:113
  • Halberd:113
  • Magic Device:113
  • Two-handed:126
  • Bowgun:126
  • Staff:126
  • Knuckles:126
  • Armor:125???

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